Parents on honeymoon

Who the fuck are you!? 

Someone "The Who" loves music, rock n roll in particular :)

Born in Montreal in '68, son to an artist/engineer atheist dad and a stay-at-home religious fanatic mom. Music and art and sports were my salvation growing up. And still are :)

Can you read someone by their art?

Simply put, Yes!

I am very curious about what you see in my art, but what I see is someone who appreciates beauty and who believes in simplicity... bold and colorful. As an aside, my dad is a master sculptor, so even though I don't sculpt, due to his influence I do carve like crazy.

My favorite artists are: Bill Watterson, Herni Matisse, Paul Klee, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Dieter Rams, Mark Hollis, Vince Gilligan...


Love languages, speak 6 of em. English, French and Art are my most fluent, but I'm constantly relearning my Spanish, Italian and German... always up for a great conversation!